Danish text: Love your inner sloppy spots. Leave the dishes. stencil from llzstencils.dk View larger

Love your inner stencil

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Everyday text in Danish "elsk dine indre sjuskedotter -Lad opvasken stå" meaning Love your inner sloppyspots - leave the dishes. 

This is gread for reminding yourself, or a friend that its okay not to be perfect all the time, and to embrace your inperfections with love.

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If you're interesed in getting the text in english, then please contact me.  

On one of the pictures I left the dishes standing and made some spots on the wallpaper instead.

elsk dine egne sjuske dotter og lad opvasken stå skabelontryk med llz stencilsLad opvasken stå og gør som mig. Dot løs på tapetet med en llz stencil skabelon