An L L Z design Stencil off a classic Scandinavian pattern with a corner for decorations on wood, metal and textiles. View larger

Classic Scandinavian decoration Stencil

New product

Make decorations along edges and around doors and windows. Or use it fun and innovative, for example, as a visual frame on a painting.

The stencil has marks that make it easy to repeat the pattern.

More details

100,00 DKK tax incl.


More info

Here you can see a llz design stencil print on a wooden list where a pasta is used through the stencils. Make a few tries to find out how thick a layer you want to use. Grinding when dry to get rounded edges. And paint with nice colors. On the second picture there is printed on a small cardboard box.

Her ser du et llz design stenciltryk med reliefvirkning vha sandspartelfin bort på en rund-æske lavet med en L L Z design Stencils