The cat stencil

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Miss with the blue eyes or just your very own variant of a cat.

With a single stencil, you can increase your number of cats using this simple printing technique.
Make your print as part of a painting. On a pillow or maybe make a cat blanket.
Wash and dry your template after use. Preferably, before the paint solidifies.

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172,00 DKK tax incl.

Har du spørgsmål eller brug for hjælp til dit webkøb? Ring:21748910
Har du spørgsmål eller brug for hjælp til dit webkøb? Ring:21748910

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First I dipped light blue color through the stencils. Next, occasionally with a darker blue. See the close-up in photo no two. When it had dried a little I put the template over the print so I got eyes, whiskers and snout. With a slightly diluted color and very little on the swab, I dipped the color through. You should almost not use any color for such small holes. At last I put stencils across the paws, so they last pressed to mark the cat's legs could be pressed.

Good jo with DIT cat print and remember that with just a stencil template you can make a lot of cat prints.


Fine cat stencil print combined with brush strokes made on a wonderful course I held.

If you want to start making cat stencil prints yourself, contact me for a course, or buy the stencil in the webshop here. The student has used acrylic paints on a piece of wallpaper base paper. The wallpaper due to paperwork I have in the webshop should be given a primer first.

The cat sits and looks out into the world. Stencil printing you can also make yourself with a llzstencil.