Bird Eggs stencil

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The bird's egg is made so you get a nice effect from a multicolored spotted egg.

Create your own artistic LLZ Design egg stencilprint with fun colors.

Newly crafted Easter tradition with this perfect Easter stencil; fx, on both sides of a piece of cardboard, for fine Easter decorations  that can be hung with a string.

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75,00 DKK tax incl.

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On the first picture, I have used only two of the egg stencil patterns. The egg itself is about 30 cm tall.

On the other pictures I have used all four stencils on top of each other. It is called a multilayer pressure. I have printed on heavy paper with a good paint.


Et-fugleæg-i-over-størrelse-trykt-på-papir-af-Lone-Simonsen.-Der-er-benyttet-en-llz-stencilEt-fugleæg-i-et-rum-trykt-på-papir-af-Lone-Simonsen.-Lavet-med-en-llz-stencilEt-fugleæg-på vej op. Stenciltryk-af-Lone-Simonsen-med-en-llz-stencil