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About LLZ stencils

My name is Lone Simonsen and I am a graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Academy Design. And Design School, Kolding.
In 2014, I started designing and producing stencils in a Danish Nordic design style.

Danish design. Produced in Denmark. Danish store and webshop.

Vision is the pleasure of you who would like to decorate and be creative with stencils. 
Use a fine sponge, roller or brush and colors you like.

Gently wash the stencils with soap, preferably before the paint dries up.
I wish you a good, fun and creative workplace,

Kind regards Lone Simonsen

LLZ stencils

Højdevej 11,

3600 Frederikssund,

tel. +45 21 74 89 10 / info@llzstencils.dk