llz stencils 

About LLZ stencils

My name is Lone Simonsen and I am a graduate of the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Academy Design. And Design School, Kolding.
In 2016, I started designing and producing stencils in a Danish Nordic design style.

Danish design. Produced in Denmark. Danish store and webshop.

Vision is the pleasure of you who would like to decorate and be creative with stencils. 

The company LLZ Stencils is cvr registered (cvr no 34298807).

Sells both to Denmark, Greenland, Faroe Islands, Iceland, Germany, France, Sweden and Norway.

At the address: Højdevej you will find both the design studio, the factory and a shop where you can shop live.

The simple way to work with llz stencils: Use a fine sponge, roller or brush and colors you like. Gently wash the stencils with soap, preferably before the paint dries up.

I wish you a good, fun and creative workplace,

Kind regards Lone Simonsen

LLZ stencils

Højdevej 11,

3600 Frederikssund,

tel. +45 21 74 89 10 / info@llzstencils.dk