Plant silhouettes stencil

New product

A stencil that can be used both graphically as a motif, or free and as part of other motifs.

The stencil can be purchased in several different sizes, so you can make your own LLZ Designed plant juices in just the colors you like.

The big ones are with more details, which you can see by clicking on the item pictures or on the different sizes stencil found in.

More details

165,00 DKK tax incl.

More info

On the first pictures it is my artist colleague Xenia Michaelsen who has experimented with this plant silluette stencil, on a piece of fabric to sew.
On the last three pictures, it is me who made some more graphic prints with this stencil.

blad-silluet-llzstencils-design-brugt-af-xenia-michaelsenblad-silluet-llzstencils-design-starten af arbejdet lavet-af-xenia-michaelsenblad-silluet-llzstencils-design-stenciltryk-lavet-af-xenia-michaelsen

Bladsilluet-og bestik-af-Lone-Simonsen-lavet-med-en-stencil-fra-llzstencilsBladsilluet-på-blå-baggrund-af-Lone-Simonsen-lavet-med-en-stencil-fra-llzstencils