Monstera with ribbed stencil

New product

Stencil with leaf from the plant fingerphilodendron / monstrate with its deeply cut ribs and characteristic holes.

At sizes 30x30 cm and 60x60 cm there are registration marks for a precise placement of ribs and holes.

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165,00 DKK tax incl.

More info

The first two image are the top of a wall surface. The next two image are a course worker from a workshop. 

The fifth image is from a cafe to which I made the wallpaper. The last image is me who is putting wallpaper up with a llz monster monstereo stencil printed leaf on.

Monsterea blade trykt på væg-lavet-med-llz-stencils.-Stencilerne-kø nærbilled-trykt-på-væg-lavet-med-llz-stencils.-Stencilerne-køå-Ølstykke-bibliotekLLZ-Stencils-workshop-på-Ølstykke-bibliotek_kursistarbejdeMonsterea-blade-i-Park-Teatrets-cafe-trykt-på-væg-lavet-med-llz-stencils.-Stencilerne-købes-hos-llz-stencils.dkMig der er ved at sætte en bane tapet op med et llz stenciltrykt blad på