Three ants stencil

New product

Muzzle in the fun way. An LLZ Stencil template that can cause the ants to teem. In the size 11 x 11 cm, the holes are very small, so here there must be very little color on the dummy sponge / brush. If necessary, make an ant sample on a piece of paper.

Use the template wherever it is fun with a little creep. Tables, chairs, floor. Or on a pair of nylon stockings.

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45,00 DKK tax incl.

More info

A template can turn into 100,000 ants. With the small 11 x 11 cm ant stencils with very small holes, one can advantageously use a thinner paint. Here are printed on a pair of nylon stockings. During the work I put a piece of cardboard in the sock to stretch it a little.

On the other two pictures, I have started an ant pressure on a floor. It is with the template that is 30 x 30 cm, and thus has three somewhat larger ants than the tiny stencils. Preferably wash the template before completely drying out.