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Stag deer stencil

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The deer is as stencils popular both in paintings and as graphic prints on paper and fabric.

The deer can be printed with just one color or one can vary with its colors and work in different shades on the withers, antlers and hooves.

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Har du spørgsmål eller brug for hjælp til dit webkøb? Ring:21748910

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The watch in photo 1 is a creative hunter who has spray-painted a red deer through a llzstencil on a wooden disc. And then made number markings with his empty partrons.
Photos 2 and 3 are so adventurously finely composed with three stencils. Made by a student who has not previously worked with stencils. She has used tempera / gouache colors on smooth paper. And used the stencil sponge pads.

Photo 4 with the umbrella is made by placing the folded umbrella over a box as a base. Ordinary acrylic paints are used here.

In photo 5, fabric dye has been used through the llz stencils. The fabric had been washed and ironed before.

In photo 6, two stencils have been used so that the stag has a lace pattern

Creative hunter makes watch with a red deer llzstencil red deer and oak made with llzstencils red deer and oak in process made with llzstencils

på paraply med en kronhjorte skabelon fra LLZ Stencils Xenia plays with stencils on fabric. lovely. Kronhjort-llz-stencil_1