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Stag deer stencil

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The deer is as stencils popular both in paintings and as graphic prints on paper and fabric.

The deer can be printed with just one color or one can vary with its colors and work in different shades on the withers, antlers and hooves.

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45,00 DKK tax incl.

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The inspirational image here is printed on a large sheet of paper with a 60 x 60 cm stencil.

The pressure on the umbrella is made by placing the folded umbrella over a box as a base.

The watch is a hunter who has sprayed a deer on a tree slice through a llz stencil and then made number markings with empty partrons and put clockwise on.

The small print on green background is made by a workshop participant who has never had a stencil printed.

Lavet vha. en stor kronhjorte stencils fra LLZ Stencilspå paraply med en kronhjorte skabelon fra LLZ StencilsKronhjort. stenciltryk med llz stencils