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Crazy stencils

Here you can find the more special LLZ Stencils. And a couple of crazy and silly stencils - all from LLZ Design.

In addition, you will find all the stencils that do not fit into any of the other categories.

If you didn't find the stencil you were looking for, contact me for the opportunity to design a new stencil for you.

Crazy stencils There are 12 products.

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  • Corona affected the whole world and has affected us all. Hence this corona stencil. Use it in your corona-themed images and paintings or where you want to mark your corona consciousness

    47,00 DKK
  • Versatile stencil that can be used both as a background effect and as a fine pattern on, for example, a box or on furnitures. The different shapes can also be used separately and each shape can have its own color. The stencil is made of a dimensionally stable plastic material that can be used again and again. The design is like all other stencils here in...

    76,00 DKK
  • Fun cave painting motif stencil that can be turned and rotated and used in a myriad of ways. Set your imagination free and experiment with this beautiful shape. The stencils here from LLZ Stencils are all made of a strong dimensionally stable PP material. Can be used again and again and suitable for all kinds of paint. Eg acrylic, oil, spray.

    76,00 DKK
  • Great sculptural ladies. Or just fat ladies in the cool way ... Make it bulky graphic and nice with this stencil. Put it together and create a thrill you first discover are great ladies after taking a closer look at them.

    172,00 DKK
  • Great lady and some stripes for free play, creative experimentation and creativity. With this stencil template you get both stripes and motifs. Combine them or use them separately. Use a paint roller, a dip sponge to apply paint through the holes in the stencil. Or grab the spray can and spray the subject. Suitable for both wood, textile, concrete etc.

    76,00 DKK
  • Big lady up a wall stencil for free play, creative experiments and creativity.

    76,00 DKK
  • My husband is lovely and lovely stencil. This is a stencil for a very telling project. And can of course be used both with and without the wording. It also gives the opportunity to print mirrored with a stencil. With the text it can be used to make a wonderful gift, for example on a good piece of wood. Or as a surprise directly on the paint on his car.

    75,00 DKK
  • Set of two slightly crazy structure stencils. Use them separately or use them together.

    150,00 DKK
  • Fine detailed map stencil with the Faroe Islands with all the beautiful island country groupings. The stencil is made of a good dimensionally stable PP plastic and can be used again and again, if only washed after use.

    55,00 DKK
  • The whole world as a stencil template for the wall at home. If you have started a stencil-printed world project, be aware of the very small holes that show the islands in the oceans. Here it is advantageous to use a slightly diluted color and very little of it. The world map stencil can be ordered in other sizes if you need it. The large sizes are divided...

    220,00 DKK
  • Stripes in their own widths and lengths. Fits well with "notches", to be repeated systematically. Use it also freely.

    70,00 DKK
  • The map of Denmark with text. You can use the text or not. Good in combination with freehand drawing or with cut-out pictures. The stencil here of 60 x 48 cm. The card itself is 49 x 38.5 cm and the text is 25x21 cm

    311,00 DKK
Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items