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Here you can see some of the most popular LLZ Stencils and which I sell most of. They are typically in the Danish, Nordic design style at the same time as a touch of either fun or high elegance. With the LLZ DESIGN brand on all stencils, you can always see that they are my stencils.

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  • This stencil is made from the writing of on of the fairytales written by H.C. Andersen. Just a small segment. It is structured so that you can easily repeat it. An advantage on bigger surfaces.

    90,00 DKK
  • Ice crystal from the High North Ice crystals have a hexagonal shape. It is usually both symmetrical and asymmetric, which makes you rarely see two completely identical. With this stencil you can make ice crystals on your windows, your kitchen cloth or on the walls of a corridor. Also try to work with beautiful warm colors and use the motif disconnected...

    47,00 DKK
  • three fine crystals stencilUse the stencil template decoratively on wood, paper and fabric. Or try decorating your windows. Crystals appear beautiful in all colors. For example, try a series of crystals in glowing golden colors on a light blue bottom.

    47,00 DKK
  • The deer is as stencils popular both in paintings and as graphic prints on paper and fabric. The deer can be printed with just one color or one can vary with its colors and work in different shades on the withers, antlers and hooves.

    47,00 DKK
  • Popart long live. Here you can get a stencil with popdot dots that you can repeat indefinitely. Select the size of the stencil: On the 11x11 cm stencil, each dot is 0.5 in diameter On the 18x18 cm stencil, each dot is 0.8 in diameter On the 30x30 cm stencil, each dot is 1.4 in diameter On the 58x62 cm stencil, each dot is 2.8 in diameter

    76,00 DKK
  • Use the phone stencil on small cards or as part of a poster A fun way to work with stencils is; e.g. using only half of the design or taking another stencil and lying down to make a patterned design Use e.g. acrylic, oil or spray paint An LLZ Stencil is Danish designed and made of shape-stable PP plastic that can be used again and again. LLZ DESIGN

    76,00 DKK
  • The whole world as a stencil template for the wall at home. If you have started a stencil-printed world project, be aware of the very small holes that show the islands in the oceans. Here it is advantageous to use a slightly diluted color and very little of it. The world map stencil can be ordered in other sizes if you need it. The large sizes are divided...

    220,00 DKK
  • Who does not dream of a ride in blue in a hot air balloon? The fine hot air balloons can be repeated indefinitely and e.g. Form a fine pattern on a wall. Or freely interpreted as picture elements used on textiles, wood and canvases. NB: Detail variation of the smallest templates. The three hot air balloons are in each case. 12, 20 and 40 cm high on the...

    120,00 DKK
  • Make fine stencil-painted Danish guards with this stencil. For example, make it on heavy paper and attach a string so that it can hang freely on a branch or in a window. With the marks, you can easily place the various elements on the fence. (the 11 x 11 cm stencil does not have passport marks). The Garder soldier is 45 x 12.8 cm on the largest stencil....

    76,00 DKK
  • The flower of life is a symbol and here made as a stencil Click on "show all pictures" so you can see the variants For example, there are passport stamps of all sizes, except for 11x11 cm The pass marks are there for you to see where to place the stencil at the subsequent presses, if you work on large surfaces

    86,00 DKK
  • The alphabet Hanne is available in five sizes. The three smallest sets consist of four stencils, each with 8 letters and various characters. The two largest sets consist of eight stencils. each with 4 letters and various characters.

    250,00 DKK
  • This stencil template is designed from a song and with its soft geometric shapes you can make a nice rhythmic pattern. For example on your walls.There are registration marks on the stencils, so you know where the next and the next and ... are to be placed.You can also choose to make it colored by painting different colors through the holes.Limited only by...

    150,00 DKK
  • Do your want your own text, name, or quote as a stencil? or maybe you have this really cool drawing/ picture?  Then im here to help, because i make stencils to order. Call me, Lone Simonsen on +45 21 74 89 10 or write an email in the contact form for further information.

    280,00 DKK
  • Big lady up a wall stencil for free play, creative experiments and creativity.

    76,00 DKK
Showing 1 - 14 of 14 items